Solo show as an invited artist in Saran, France

Co-exhibitions with Artistes Orléanais during the 100-years-anniversary festivities of the association.

Coming in November: Solo-show in Oulu, Finland, galleria Kajaste.


Co-exhibition with Artistes Orléanais,

3 different exhibitions and art events in Atelier de Leena, Orléans.

3 co-exhibition in the area of Loiret, France. 


Co-exhibition with Artistes Orléanais in Orléans

Solo-show in Tampere, Finland in galleria Q,

co-exhibitions in Brussels, Belgium and Madrid, Spain during Art Fairs. 


No indoor exhibitions during covid-19, only event in Orléans outdoor exhibition in CAMPO SANTO, Orléans with La Couleur Vinaigre.


Orléans: co-exhibitions with Artistes Orléanais, and Les Anonymes. Opening exhibition of the new artists's studio, Atelier de Leena.  

Solo show in Oulu Finland, galleria Kajaste.


Orléans: Co-exhibition with Artistes Orléanais in Salon des Antiquités in March and Inner Wheel charity exhibition for autism, in March also. Sous Les Songes in February exhibition in Orléans château de St Jean Le Blanc


December: Gallery Negative Plus Paris, France - November: GMAC 2017 Paris, France - October: charity exhibition for children with cancer, Orléans, France - July-August: Campo Santo exhibition, Orléans - April: atelier exhibition - March: Sans Titre - group show in Ingré, France

February: Les Anonymes -group show in Orléans, France.

2016: January-February: Italy, Florence - Art Expertise gallery show. in June and October Studio Exhibition in Orléans, France. Summer festival exhibition in Orléans, Couleur 136 , outdoor painting happening, Orléans. Studio open doors -happening, Orléans. Portrait exhibition in Brick Lane Gallery, London. Vol de Nuit and Les Anonymes, group exhibitions in Orléans.

2015: Solo show Librairie Passion Culture, Orléans France, Fête de Couleur 136, Orléans 

OpenDoors@studio, Orléans, 
co-exhibitions with ADACAO, Olivet
Vol de Nuit, Orléans. 
Salon des Artistes Orléanais, Orléans. 
gallery Marzia Frozen, Berlin, Germany.
ART EXPERTISE, Firenze, Italy.

2014: several co-exhibitions with the associations
Chécy Libre Expression, 
Sans Titre, 
Traits Abstaits, 
Artistes Orléanais et 
Loiret, France

2013: Chateau des Longues Allées, as a special guest artist.
Événement Terres de Loire – painting in live, 
co-exhibition with Artistes Orléanais
Gallery Fogga, Helsinki, Finland

2010: Café Aalto, Helsinki, Finland

2009: Röykän Asema; Nurmijärvi, Finland

2008: Röykän Asema, Nurmijärvi, Finland

2007: Rytmi; Helsinki *) Finland Helsinki City Festival
Solo show Art-Goes-Kapakka Festival 

2005: Ysi Bar; Helsinki, Finland 

2003: Galleria Oma Huone; Helsinki, Finland

1998: Oulun Panimo; Oulu, Finland


2000 - 2001 Vapaa Taidekoulu, Helsinki, Finland

1999 - 2000 Taidekoulu Maa, Helsinki, Finland

1986 - 1989 Oulun Lyseon lukio, art oriented high school, Oulu, Finland

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