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Leena Noux

Finnish born (1970 in Oulu, Northern Finland) contemporary fine art painter in France. 

Member of the artist association, Société des Artistes Orléanais.

"My first touch with art and painting was the Christmas 1976; I got a book of Edvard Munch's work in my hands (it was a xmas gift to my mother) and I was so impressed, it was like a revelation, to see that something like that exists! I was 6 years old. Munch's work opened me a whole world of painting, and I knew I wanted to do the same - - - still got that book in my studio."

After the art oriented high school studies in Oulu, and professional studies in classic and modern art in Helsinki, in Finland, the first solo show took place in 1998.  Read full CV 

"For me the painting is an endless research of expression and parallel stories hidden in us - complex mirrors of ourselves. Most of the time we are trying our best, giving the good we have in us, but still tempted by the irresistible darkness. I find that very interesting in the human nature; instinct to live but then again, underneath there's a taste for decadence"

Leena paints with high quality acrylic paint on canvases, and she uses also charcoal, pastels and spray paint. Mostly she works with her hands and sponges, with a spray bottle of water, not so much with brushes. 


Leean Noux lives and works in France, Orléans. Her studio, Atelier de Leena is placed in the historical center of Orléans, and well know for exhibitions and other events.


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